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Wyndham Destinations relies on strong, collaborative supplier partnerships to provide goods and services for use around the globe. Wyndham Destinations Strategic Sourcing department strives to obtain the highest quality products and services offering the best possible value. Proporcionar opciones de productos y servicios sostenibles es una consideración clave de este proceso, y se alinea con nuestro sólido compromiso con la sostenibilidad y la reducción de nuestra huella de carbono.

Suppliers interested in doing business with Wyndham Destinations should register on our supplier portal at: As part of the registration process, interested suppliers should complete the Green/Other section to properly identify your capabilities to support our sustainability initiatives.

La iniciativa de proveedores ecológicos está diseñada para asociarse con proveedores y vendedores que tienen un compromiso similar con la sostenibilidad y la protección al ambiente. At the same time, this enables Wyndham Destinations to become more competitive and grow our presence in emerging markets while enhancing our commitment to the community. In order to increase our green resources, Wyndham Destinations will:

  • Ensure that a green supplier is included in each RFP that Wyndham Destinations disseminates where possible
  • Identificará y registrará adecuadamente todos lor productos y servicios ecológicos, así como métricas de sostenibilidad y desempeño para reportes internos y externos
  • Participe en eventos ecológicos que involucren a proveedores ecológicos y apoyen sus objetivos

As part of our ongoing commitment to continually grow our green supply chain, 27 % of our total $2 billion spend in 2015 has been with suppliers who meet the Wyndham Destinations Supplier criteria, drawing close to our goal of 30 % by 2020.

Nuestras metas incluyen:

  • Aumentar la conciencia de los proveedores ecológicos en toda la corporación
  • Reconocer la excelencia ecológica
  • Incluir proveedores ecológicos en cada RFP, cuando sea posible
  • Continuar el alcance enfocado a la comunidad de proveedores ecológicos
  • Expandir los proveedores ecológicos internacionalmente


Click here for a list of all the Wyndham Destinations suppliers.



As one of the world's largest hospitality companies, Wyndham Destinations offers individual consumers and business-to-business customers a broad suite of hospitality products and services across various accommodation alternatives and price ranges through its premier portfolio of world-renowned brands. As part of our Wyndham Destinations programs, we engage sustainable suppliers throughout Wyndham Destinations as an effort to remain committed to conserving our resources, preserving our natural habitats, and preventing pollution. Wyndham Destinations already has several green programs such as Earth Smart re-linen and towel program; compact florescent light bulbs; low-flow faucets and toilets; ozone laundry systems; recycling programs; smoke free properties; and the award winning green uniform program made out of recycled plastic bottles.